Discovery services:

Antibody repertoire sequencing and expression

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At Panoply Bio, we offer antibody discovery services using our new and exciting platform (See our Technology page). We believe that antibody discovery and development is greatly enabled by new genomic technologies that analyze antibody repertoires in a comprehensive way.

Our services are based on our novel approach using next-gen sequencing and can be applied to any organism. To begin a project, you can supply us with your antigen of interest that we will use to immunize an animal according to our validated protocols. Alternatively, you can supply us with B-cell samples from any immunized animal. After determining the antibody repertoire expression levels, we will then clone, express, and screen your top 96 antibody candidates.

Because we sequence directly from B-cells, our platform for antibody discovery can be applied to nearly any organism and does not rely on single cell isolation or hybridoma fusions. Furthermore, we deliver the full sequence of every antibody, so functional assays will reveal important sequence-activity relationships.

What you provide:
  • High quality protein antigen (that we will inject into a rabbit)
  • or B-cell samples from your immunized animal of choice
What we deliver:
  • Fully-annotated antibody repertoire sequence data with quantitative expression
  • 96 expressed full IgG antibody proteins with complete sequence (See our Expression services page for more details)
  • ELISA binding data when applicable

Please contact us to discuss the details of your project.