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At Panoply Bio, we create large and impressive
collections of functional antibodies.

Panoply Bio is a division of Active Motif Inc., an industry leader in the development of innovative tools that enable gene regulation and epigenetics research.

We offer custom antibody conversion services for customers that have multiple hybridoma clones that they would like to convert to an AbFlex® recombinant antibody.

AbFlex® antibodies are recombinant antibodies derived from mouse, rat, or rabbit monoclonal antibodies. In addition to flexible labeling and purification options, our AbFlex® recombinant antibodies allow for sustainable production from transient transfection of a DNA plasmid encoding the antibody heavy and light chains.

Each Abflex® Antibody has a Sortase tag recognition sequence (LPXTG) that is incorporated into the heavy chains of each AbFlex® antibody. This allows direct conjugation of proteins, nucleic acids or labels to the terminal end of the heavy chain to ensure the antigen binding site remains available for target recognition.

Sortase directed labeling performs significantly better than random chemical labeling and requires less antibody. Active Motif uses a Sortase A5 pentamutant from Staphylococcus aureus that is significantly more active than wild-type Sortase to provide a faster, more efficient labeling reaction.

Custom Capture and Detection antibodies were made through Active Motif’s AbFlex® service. Active Motif recombinant H3.1 Nucleosomes (Cat # 81070) were used as the standard.

This data was kindly generated by Volition using Abflex® antibodies.

For more information about AbFlex® antibodies, please visit the AbFlex® Recombinant Antibody landing page.