About us

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At Panoply Bio, we create large and impressive
collections of functional antibodies.

Panoply Bio is a division of Active Motif Inc., an industry leader in the development of innovative tools that enable gene regulation and epigenetics research.

Active Motif’s Panoply Bio Division grew out of the 2013 acquisition of SwitchGear Genomics, a functional genomics company developing high-throughput tools for studying regulatory element function across the genome.

The combination of SwitchGear’s expertise in functional genomics, bioinformatics, and high-throughput molecular biology combined with Active Motif’s expertise in protein biochemistry and antibody assays has led to the creation of a new method for antibody repertoire characterization and an antibody discovery platform.

We believe that success in antibody discovery and development is greatly enabled by starting with as many antibody candidates and as much antibody sequence information as possible. We also believe that antibodies generated in an organism offer many advantages over antibodies discovered by artificial display technologies. With these considerations in mind, we have leveraged advances in next-gen sequencing and gene synthesis to re-invent antibody discovery and apply the approach to any organism.