Engineering and conversion services:

scFv of Fab conversion, hybridoma conversion

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Leverage the power of our high-throughput cloning, mutagenesis, expression, and screening capabilities to create large panels of optimized IgG antibody proteins. Our platform enables rapid conversion of antibody binding domains, such as Fabs and scFvs, into full IgGs. Likewise, we can sequence large sets of hybridomas and reformat them as recombinant antibodies in any species or isotype.

Lead optimization and engineering such as humanization, histidine scanning, and expression optimization efforts can be accelerated by creating and screening hundreds of variant sequences from lead antibody candidates. Screening more antibodies increases the likelihood of rapidly identifying an antibody with desirable activities.

What you provide:
  • Display libraries, lead antibody sequences, or hybridoma pellets
  • Optimization or conversion goals
  • Choice of vector isotype and scale of expression
What we deliver:
  • Design strategy
  • Expressed full IgG antibody proteins as clarified supernatant
  • Functional screening data if requested

Please contact us to discuss the details of your project.