Hybridoma sequencing service:

High-throughput deep sequencing of hybridoma cell lines

Sources of aberrant transcripts in hybridoma cell lines
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Defining antibodies by their heavy and light variable region sequences is a critical step in antibody development. Antibodies derived from hybridoma cell lines are at risk for contamination and mutation, and most hybridomas express aberrant antibody sequences in addition to the single pair of functional heavy and light chain transcripts. This makes traditional cDNA cloning and sequencing of hybridoma heavy and light chains error prone and ambiguous. As a solution to these problems, our unique hybridoma sequencing service uses next-gen sequencing to fully characterize the heavy and light variable regions expressed in hybridoma cell lines. Our platform is designed to sequence many hybridoma lines in parallel, so the most efficient projects involve sequencing hundreds of hybridomas at a time.

What you provide:
  • Frozen hybridoma cell pellets (mouse, rat, or rabbit)
  • Minimum of 250,000 cells per pellet in 96 well plates
What we deliver:
  • Deep sequencing results of full variable regions for IgHG, Igk, and Igl for each pellet
  • Turn around time of 4-6 weeks
  • Click here for example report and sequence summary file